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1. How to minimize the costs?

Exclusive bag does not always have to mean bag expensive, exceeding the planned budget.

Focus on the satisfaction of our clients we advise the best and most appropriate solutions which, on the one hand are allowing to reduce the cost, on the other hand to preserve qualitative and aesthetic values.

The most commonly used solutions by our clients include:

Replacing the model completely handmade by a model with very similar quality but made full or semi-automatically; this solution can save up up to 40% of the product

Check yourself: Roma model and Milano model

Calculation and placing an annual order delivered in several shipments;
it allows to increase the quantity of ordered bags, which can significantly reduce the unit price;
Changing the amount of bags from 1 000 pcs. to 2 000 pcs., can give savings up to 1 zł for one piece!

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Selection of a suitable model, paper and a finish for intended purpose of the bag; it generates savings resulting from the production technology; not always achieve the desired effect should be applied with the most expensive models…

Arrange a presentation and ask our merchant for the advice

• Entrusting us with order processing means for your comfort and tangible savings – we are taking care to provide you with samples, prototypes and deliveries, taking care of your time and budget.

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• Caring for a professional execution in addition to the commonly established proofs and cromalins, we are producing and delivering to your acceptance test printing on the final paper and on the final machine – to eliminate the risk of possible color differences in the design.

Reliable supplier should take care in the first instance of the Client’s needs, His budget, and thus His satisfaction!

For us the most important is the CLIENT!

2. What to look for when selecting an offer?

• When selecting supplier it is necessary to take quality of offered products into consideration – you should order free samples.

Order free samples

• Please also note the paper, handles and reinforcements that you are interested in, because they often differ from those used in finished product, and have a significant influence on the price.

Elements that affect the unit price and quality:

1) Paper – the gsm (gram per squared meter) of paper should exactly match the weight of paper from inquiries and offers. Please note. that the papers used in the Polish market are very diverse as regards quality; please bear in mind that weight is not equal to the weight!

For example, we used paper Monocoated 170 gsm for the production of bags, which is equivalent to the commonly used in Poland coated paper weighing 200 gsm. The paper used by e-bag is stiffer than others, which have a direct impact on the quality of the offered product.

e-bag supplied with paper from paper manufacturers, offering the highest quality!

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2) Handle – the price is influenced by the length of the string, its diameter and the material it is made of;

Remember – cotton string does not always need to be more expensive than synthetic!

e-bag offers cotton strings with a length of 50 cm and a diameter of 5 mm as standard!

3) Reinforcements – question closely about the details of the reinforcements of Your bag.

Stiffening should be solid, made of cardboard 450-700 gsm (not flaccid wastepaper), and on the bottom in addition to the bleached paperboard – glued – not only put in the bag.

4) Lamination – should be particularize whether the method of hot or cold.

When using laminate in cold technology there is a risk of ruining even the best design.

e-bag apply laminate in hot technology to all processing orders.

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The precise selection of above components of the product in addition to appropriate production technologies, will provide for the effect according to Your expectations.

3. Did you meet with the following problems?

paint erase on the edges of the bag – this problem usually occurs in the event of production of bags with paper uncoated, Kraft, offset or coated without laminate;

Remember, this is not the fault of paper! Your supplier should take care that your product is top quality!

e-bag provides its customers with technological solutions which ensure the highest quality even on uncoated papers.

cockling of the top edge – this is the result of incorrectly prepared materials;

e-bag has the necessary technological expertise and experience to avoid this problem.

Difficulty in printing on metalized foil

Would you like to have CMYK print on metallic silver foil? No problem! For us nothing is impossible!

Contrary to popular belief, the metalized foil can be successfully printed by various techniques, including CMYK – gaining a unique effect and a sense of true luxury!

Bag is your image!

Colors on the bag are different then Pantone colors given by you – the secret lies in the applied surface.

Remember, if you are printing on uncoated paper – Pantone colors must be indicated with the letter ‘U’, but if on coated – with the letter “C”.

Our Client has guarantee of conformity of colors! We are making samples the of paper with paints, which finally will be used on the machine.

Paper pseudo-ecological – commonly considered as ecological, beige Kraft paper is not.

e-bag offers its customers a certified recycled paper of organization FSC – Forest Stewardship Council.

Would you like to join with us to take care of our environment – order paper bags made from FSC paper!

Be environmental!


The final draft is not compatible with cromalin – this can take place, because cromalin is performed on a different base than your final product.

To avoid this problem, we start machines especially for your order, using paper and paint ordered by you.

Problems with the lamination of plastic bags – Plastic bag do not have to be boring and run-of-the-mill, it can be successfully laminated!

You prefer plastic bags, but You would like to be distinguished by something original?

Order plastic bags with a unique appearance and finish! Laminated, with hot print, with string … – the choice is yours!

Plastic bag can also be exclusive!
Give your Customers a chance to see You!

4. Are formats obligatory?

Everything depends on the model of the bag. Freedom of choice exists for model Roma, but even in case of bags made by machine, we can adapt the format to Yours expectations and preferences.

Send a query concerning the format that you are interested in.

If you have another question – please contact us!